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About the Author

A. N. Boyden began her writing journey in 2018 as an escape from the pressures and demands of a high-stress social services job. She never expected her nearly illegible scratching to turn into not only a passion but a career four years later. A. N. Boyden's humble beginnings began on Wattpad, where "Spouse Swap" was born. She gained thousands of adoring and supportive followers who gave her the confidence and boost she needed to finally self-publish and eventually become a full-time author.

A. N. Boyden's niche is interracial romances and thrillers that feature an abundance of steamy scenes, drama, and countless laughs. She sometimes refers to herself as a "one-woman" show but frequently finds herself pitching her storylines to her husband and friends Brittney and fellow author Em Jay.

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Mail Order Groom
Looking for a sweet catfish novella? Click on the link below for more information!

Love, Delivered
Read about Noah's battle with agoraphobia and PTSD as he pursues his happily ever after with his mail carrier, Lauryn!

The Witness
Damian is a serial killer who poses as a Jehovah's Witness to gain his victim's trust. What happens when Damian falls for Victim #17?

Top Sellers!

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The Witness II
Damian made a careless of his victims survived his attack! Not only that, but his unrelenting mother-in-law and an overzealous detective are determined to see him locked behind bars for the disappearance of Minister Mathis. Will Grace find out that Damian is a serial killer? Will Damian lose the only woman he ever loved?

Anticipated Release Date: March 10, 2023

The Teacher
Two years have passed, and Brandon West is still not over the loss of his wife. His friend introduced him to a cam site called Nexxx Door Cam. Curious, Brandon signs up for the site and subscribes to Saint's channel. To Brandon's utter surprise, Saint is his son's first-grade teacher, Ms. Sierra Cole. What happens when the two confront each other after a private chat? 

Coming in 2023

Coming Soon!

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Working to Live
Robert Peyton isn't the typical ruthless, showboating billionaire and prefers to live a quiet life. Robert's family decides to throw a surprise yacht party for his 35th birthday against his wishes. During the party, a waitress accidentally spills champagne on his lap, giving him the out he was praying for. He tracks the newly fired waitress down and invites her on a spontaneous road trip to Louisiana for a night of gambling and debauchery. What's the worst that could happen?

The Vampire King's Huntress
King Alesi is pressured by the trusted advisors of his court to find a new mate to carry on his legacy after the death of his mate, Queen Anastasia. Matilda Helsing makes her living as the fiercest vampire bounty hunter in Night Falls. She accepts the bounty on King Alesi but never expected after a failed attempt on his life that the two of them would be engaged in a cat-and-mouse game of yearning and desire. **Mature**

She'd tightly clutch that cross around her neck, full lips whispering, asking her God to spare her from their scornful glares, hateful comments, and the occasional rough-up. Silly girl. Did she not know that he was not listening and he would never save her? Like Jesus, she was the sacrificial lamb. I would be the one she'd pray to absolve her of her sins. I would be the one she would seek protection from. I would be her guiding light. I would be her God. **Dark High School Romance - Mature**

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