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About the Author

A. N. Boyden began her writing journey in 2018 as an escape from the pressures and demands of a high-stress social services job. An avid reader but new to the world of writing, A. N. Boyden spent years improving her craft and turned her passionate hobby into a career four years later. She gained thousands of adoring and loyal readers after publishing "Spouse Swap" in 2021, and since then has published nine additional novels and novellas and thirteen Kindle Vella stories. 

A. N. Boyden's writing style has been described as comedic and sexy, with creative and witty dialogue, banter, and plot twists no one sees coming. She primarily writes interracial romances and thrillers that feature an abundance of steamy scenes, drama, and countless laughs. 

Awards and Accolades 

BSWL Best Book of the Year 2021

Spouse Swap

BSWL Best Book of the Year 2022

The Witness I & The Witness II

Nomination for Best Interracial Book of 2022

Mail Order Groom



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Top Sellers!

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Mail Order Groom
Nina signs up for a mail-order groom service in hopes of finding true love. Instead of being met by the well-kept, polite gentleman she'd been baring her soul to, Nina is surprised to find a rough-neck, tattooed beast of a man on her doorstep. What makes matters worse...he was just released from prison.
Will Nina and Zane find common ground and eventually make it down the aisle, or will her catfish be a catch and release?

The Surrogate Nanny
Simone Livingston is hired to be the surrogate for Anthony Powell after the tragic death of his wife. Everything goes well until she is abandoned at the hospital with his newborn. With no alternatives, Simone takes her unexpected bundle of joy home. A year later, Baby Nori's father arrives on her doorstep after surviving a nearly fatal car crash. She has a tough decision to make: lose her child forever or become her live-in nanny.

The Witness
Damian is a serial killer who poses as a Jehovah's Witness to gain his victim's trust. But what happens when Damian falls for Victim #17?

Coming Soon!

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The Widowed Nanny
Jonathan is looking for a live-in nanny after being awarded sole custody of his children, and widow Kierra fits the bill. Kierra moves into Jonathan’s home with her daughter and helps wrangle his three rambunctious children.
Despite Jonathan's failed marriage and Kierra's grief, it doesn't take long for them to seek refuge in each other to combat the loneliness. The sexual chemistry between the two is explosive, leading to many instances of bedroom swapping and quiet lovemaking in the middle of the night to avoid waking the children.
As their family blends, it’s becoming more apparent that Kierra and Kiyah belong with the Bakers; however, when the threats start rolling in and his ex-wife's behavior becomes more erratic and alarming, Jonathan will have to do whatever he can to protect his new family.

Release Date - March 26, 2024

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Baby Swap
With the nest emptying, Charlie and Taylor decide they're ready to take the leap and try for their own until they receive shocking news. The couple puts their babymaking plans on the back burner when Jordan returns home from college with a surprise baby. 
Desperate for history not to repeat itself, Charlie and Taylor take on the responsibility of raising Baby Skai. But Skai isn't the only new addition to the Scott Family...
What happens when they find three-year-old Dakota Davis on their doorstep in the middle of the night with a backpack filled with clothes, her immunization record, birth certificate, and social security card?
Will the pressure and stress of becoming sudden parents to their son's and exes' children bring the couple closer or tear them apart? 


Coming in 2024

Anyone But You

I refused to cancel my Miami trip to accompany my boss on a last-minute business trip. But when you work for one of the most powerful men in the country, they have a way of getting what they want. I thought being stuck with my boss from hell on a trip I had no intention of being on was the worst, but things took a bizarre turn when our jet crashed on a remote island. Unfortunately, he survived, and now we must rely on each other if we want to make it back home.
ature Romance 18+**

Available March 5, 2024 on 

Kindle Vella

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Working to Live
Robert Peyton isn't the typical ruthless, showboating billionaire and prefers to live a quiet life. Robert's family decides to throw a surprise yacht party for his 35th birthday against his wishes. During the party, a waitress accidentally spills champagne on his lap, giving him the out he was praying for. He tracks the newly fired waitress down and invites her on a spontaneous road trip to Louisiana for a night of gambling and debauchery. What's the worst that could happen?

Hunt Me

King Alesi is pressured by the trusted advisors of his court to find a new mate to carry on his legacy after the death of his mate, Queen Anastasia. Matilda Helsing makes her living as the fiercest vampire bounty hunter in Night Falls. She accepts the bounty on King Alesi but never expected after a failed attempt on his life that the two of them would be engaged in a cat-and-mouse game of yearning and desire. **Mature**

She'd tightly clutch that cross around her neck, full lips whispering, asking her God to spare her from their scornful glares, hateful comments, and the occasional rough-up. Silly girl. Did she not know that he was not listening and he would never save her? Like Jesus, she was the sacrificial lamb. I would be the one she'd pray to absolve her of her sins. I would be the one she would seek protection from. I would be her guiding light. I would be her God. **Dark High School Romance - Mature**

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